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Join CROSSOUT, the post-apocalyptic MMO Action game! Craft your unique battle machines from dozens of interchangeable parts, ride them directly into combat and destroy your enemies in explosive PvP online battles!

Crossout Update 0.6.0


Survivors! It's time to put a specialist in your armored vehicle — a driver whose skills you can use in combat. And also make your armored car and your favourite weapon stand out. A new system of weapon customization will make your car a real masterpiece!



  • Now, before entering a battle, you can put your driver of choice behind the wheel of the armored vehicle.
  • All drivers belong to in-game factions and become available after reaching a certain level of reputation with the faction.By default, the Engineers' driver sits behind the wheel of an armored car.
  • All drivers earn experience.
    • Increasing the level of the driver gives him the opportunity to learn new skills.
    • The driver gets experience directly in battle.
  • Drivers have unique skills that affect the course of battle.
  • Once-learned skills will always remain with the driver.
  • Some skills require additional resources.

The new weapon customization system


Now all players can additionally highlight the weapons of their armored car, using special customization packs.

  • Customization kits can be obtained from a special container.
    • The container can be manufactured with a new workbench of the Engineers faction.
    • From each such container, the player receives one random set for customization.
    • At the same workbench you can build a container with paints.
  • The container and customization sets can be sold or bought on the market.
  • One set is used to customize one weapon.The set is consumed after application, and the weapon changes its appearance. Use your sets wisely!
    • After customization, weapons can not be put up for sale.
    • After customization, weapons can be upgraded.Customized appearance with the upgrade is preserved only if the customized weapon is selected first.
  • You can repeatedly use customization kits on upgraded weapons.However, with re-customization, the old appearance is lost.

Game Modes




Disable invisibility!

  • Now, when picking up cargo, the player loses invisibility, if it was active at that time. In addition, the player with the cargo can not become invisible.


The more allies close by, the higher the confidence!

  • Now the more players are near the truck, the higher its speed.
  • If there are no players next to the truck, it stops.
  • The critical distance to the truck is 75 m. If there are no players in the specified radius, then the truck stands still.




Add even more personality to your vehicle!

  • Added new welding points for the Duster cabin.


Power, as it is.

  • Increased tonnage of all tracks.

This is what all fans of tracked vehicles have been expecting!

  • Fixed a bug with low reverse speed for tracked vehicles.


  • Paints issued to CBT participants can now be sold on the Market. This applies to paints:
    • Graffiti Dawn
    • Tribal
    • Crash Tester
    • Snake
    • Lone ranger stripes
    • Lone ranger stars


  • All blueprints from the Packs tab are now available for test-drive, and you can check out all the packs before purchasing them!


  • ‘Thug’ starter pack (Humble Bundle) increases parts limit by 35.


Need more incentive? Here it comes! Now the best players get special stickers.

  • This applies both to the best player of the winning team, and to the best player of the losing team.
  • To receive stickers, the player of the winning team needs to score the most points, and the player of the losing team needs to have more than half the points from the winning team's best player. 


Game login

  • Added a login queue window for the game, which shows the estimated waiting time.


No worthy ally will disappear without a trace.

  • Now, for the convenience of players, you can immediately add players to your friends list using the map called with the TAB button.

Battle start

Show everyone that you are proud of your clan allegiance!

  • For clan players, display of the clan tag in briefing and debriefing on the statistics screen has been added.


  • Improved window appearance.
  • Added clan tags for clan players.


  • Chat window width now depends on screen resolution.
  • Added an interface with quick messages. These messages are visible to your allies and are shown in the list of current kills.

Convenience, accuracy and maximum simplicity are always important for trading.

  • Added increase / decrease buttons for Price and Quantity fields:
    • Price changes in 0.01 coin steps.
    • Quantity changes in 1 pc. steps.


No more errors!

  • Upgraded parts used to upgrade another part are now marked with a special icon.

Rested bonus
Information is our everything!

  • Improved the bonus description.
  • Now when the limit is exhausted, the icon does not disappear, but becomes grey.The corresponding description now appears when the rested bonus is exhausted.

Voice chat

Always stay in touch with your allies!

  • Voice chat returns to the game.
  • Activate voice chat by pressing and holding the Y button (default).

Descriptions and tips

  • Increased font size.

Daily rewards

  • Added a highlight for the font to improve readability.


Immerse yourself in the battlefield!

  • Improved the sounds for driving across sand.
  • Improved the machine gun sound of the wheel drone.


  • Improved performance of the game client.
  • Improved hit effects for acid, sand.
  • More enemies — more diverse fights! Added new models of AI-opponents for Lunatics, Nomads and Scavengers factions.
  • Improved the explosion effect when the car is self-detonated.
  • Improved camera behaviour near walls.
  • The ‘FPS-show’ function is now binded to F11 button.

Bug fixes

  • Improved maps:
    • Rock City
    • Factory
    • Power Plant
    • Dead Highway
    • Eastern Array
    • Control-17
    • Desert Valley
    • Test-Drive
  • Improved a number of text strings.
  • Fixed relative loudness of enemy machine guns.
  • Fixed a bug with acceleration for a cabin+engine combo.
  • Fixed a bug with Spotter sticker description.
  • Fixed bug with saving blueprints for screens larger than FullHD.
  • Fixed a bug with the countdown sound for inactive cargo.
  • Fixed a bug with missing sounds when driving through some bushes.
  • Fixed a bug with exhaust effect positioning on Hell pipes.
  • Fixed a bug with countdown display in Cargo race.
  • Fixed a bug with shell casing sounds.
  • Fixed a bug with several drones launched simultaneously.
  • Fixed a bug with a draw in Race mode.
  • Fixed a bug of tracks traction deterioration under fire.
  • Fixed a bug where you could mount any part on the Headlight part.
  • Improved stability of the game client.

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12 June 2017